The land of Portum has a long history some of it so ancient that it has long became legend. The oldest legends tells of a great civilization that came before the Era of Dragons though no evidence has ever been found to even hint at this being true. Scholors do say with a fair amount of certinty however that long ago there was a dramatic upheaveal in the land that completely changed the face of the world. After this world altering change came to an end and the world once more settled down this new time became known as the in Era of Dragons.

Era of Dragons
The Ancient Era where dragons were the dominant race. Dragon and non-dragon relations were mixed rangeing from tyranical to benevolent. These relationships lasted for thousands of years with little change. Slowly the dragons started to pull back from the lives of non dragons and left until all dragons had take flight on a giant exodus. No writen history has been found to tell of where the dragons went, though some legends say they flew up into the stars. The only dragon that did not leave was the Dragon god Keno who still sits in his temple unmoveing since the last of his kin left.

Year With No Sun
The Year after the dragon exudus was filled with famine and death as crops failed. The dead were often piled in mass graved to keep up with the dead. The following year the skies started to clear. The ash that had fallen the previous year made the ground very furtile so crops grew quickly and healthy, this fixed the famine but the damage was already done. Many towns had already starved to death the building swallowed up by piles of ash. With the dragons gone the young races startd to form kingdoms and individual cultures. Scholors have dubed the current age the young age.

The nations of portum live in relative peace though war is on peoples minds for there is the ever present threat from beyond The Wall. Twice the nations of portum have joined together to push back the threat of necromancer enslavement and twice their enemie has been crushed. Since the Second Necromancer War Portum has experienced a golden age with great advancements in magic and technology.

The nations of Portum are the Half Scaled Confederecy,the Jana Empire, Home of ,the Sand Sea and the The Blood Isles.

Secrets of Portum

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