Kenji Tomine



Kenji Tomine was a forger of war forged back in his younger days. He go interest in war forged after on saved his life when he was 6 years old. He was ice fishing and the ice broke out from under him. A fighting model war forged out on patrol notice this and went in to save him; he pulled him to shore and started a fire to warm him back up. After this event Kenji became fascinated with war forged and dedicate his studies to improving the current models with a newer take. He apprenticed around till he got the basic and manage to find a small coroner of the world that need a war forged smith. After he proved he could build a working war forged he was granted the position. He managed to find him self a wife and raised a family will work on war forged. He craft countless types. But the special order ones he always remembered.

RYUU –Alive
T1- Killed in action
T2- deactivated
hk 49 – Killed in action

Kage – MIA
H9 – Killed in action
J8 – Killed in action

Saber – Killed in action
Flame – dishonorably discharged

Once he heared about RYUU staying true to the samurai code he had to see him be for he died and let RYUU know he was proud of him.


Kenji Tomine

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