Sev'Aris Nar Xen

Sol and Lun's father and the Captain of the Xen


Sev was born and raised on the military walker Xen during a massive boom in the sandworm population. The sandworms territorial nature and the insufficient amount of food resulted in the caravan being under attack on a near constant basis. Travel was cut down to necessity and many young Bedouin postponed their pilgrimages in order to continue serving their walkers, Sev included. Throughout his adolescence he grew into a skilled tactician and marksman. He never went on pilgrimage, and instead insisted on staying on the Xen.

Sev is a very cold and calculating man, though he is also utterly devoted to the betterment and protection of the Bedouin race. Yet this devotion is more to the concept than the actual people themselves. He would die to save a fellow Bedouin, but ask him to strike up a casual conversation with someone and he won’t do it. This has rubbed off a lot on his kids (though they‘d probably be loathe to admit that they shared anything in common with him). Most of them have difficulty connecting with people and have an unnerving intensity about them. They throw themselves whole-heartedly at whatever they do, and they tend to have the larger goal of doing it for the sake of the Bedouin.

Sev isn’t a great father, especially to his older children. He gave them no leeway on anything and essentially treated them like the men under his command. Despite his inability to have a working relationship with them, he is immensely proud of their ingenuity and drive. He’ll just never say it to them.


Sev'Aris Nar Xen

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