Bedouin Long rifle

weapon (ranged)
Damage Citical Damage Type Range Increment Rate of fire Magizine Weight Cost
table row Ballistic table Single Shot 10 rounds 13 lbs table

Requires: Exotic Weapon Proficency (Jezail) to use without penaly.
Bedouin Rangers and Fighters can use the Jezail as a Martial Weapon

A Jevail is always a Masterworks Weapon: +1 Attack Rolls
Jevails are loaded 5 rounds at a time with a charger clip through the top: Reloading is a move action


Jezails are handmade weapons of the Bedouin people. Jezails are seen as very personal weapons, and tend to be very well crafted and are usually very beautifully and artistically decorated. The stocks are handcarved and were very ornately decorated. Jezail stocks also feature a very distinctive curve which is not seen in the stocks of other rifles. Since each rifle is hand made they are often passed down from generation to generation. If a Jezail is damaged beyond repair undamaded parts are salvaged and go into a new Jezail.

Jezails uses a bolt action firing mechanism and tend to have very long rifled barrels makeing these weapons very acurate. Jezails are usually designed for military use, and therefore tended to be of larger calibers than the personal rifles used by the people of the Half Scaled Confederecy and Jana Empire. Larger calibers are possible because the long length of the typical jezail means that it is heavier than typical rifles. Jezails typically weigh around 13 pounds, compared to 9 to 10 pounds for rifles. The heavy weight of the jezail allowed it to absorb more force from the round, imparting less recoil to the weapon’s user.


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