The Cube

An enigmatic device found in a desert cave


What is currently known:
It’s a cube divided into segments.
Pressing on segments makes the cube grow smaller, while pulling makes it grow larger.
Making it smaller increases the number of segments on the cube and vis versa.
The material its made of is called “The God Crystal” or “Innocence”.
Items made of this material are drawn to a single person in the universe.
People who have an item drawn to them are called Accomadators.
Accomadators are the only ones who can handle this material, even if its not their item.
The cube is transmitting overlaying radio signals in a strange language.
Making the cube larger increases the number of overlaying signals.
Sending radio signals towards the cube will cause it to send out a loud gut wrenching tone.
Anything launched at it is instantly drained of its momentum and doesn’t damage the cube.
It can withstand every extreme temperatures and conditions.
It tastes like mint and copper.


The Cube

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